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Verisimilitude, generally defined, is “appearing to be true or real”, per Oxford Dictionaries. One English Lit professor explained it to me as “the act of being truth-like”. It does not mean truth, but rather the act of wanting to appear like truth. This has become a popular tool used by oppressive groups, individuals, and movements.

Rather than deal in truth, these actors produce words, actions, and propaganda that resembles truth that, when deconstructed, often falls apart quickly. The trouble is, only those who take the time to deconstruct, will find the flaws. Those who digest the works of an oppressor, do not take the time to deconstruct. They assimilate it as fact, and most often fail to challenge its validity. Such is the case with followers of most movements, such as cults, from my perspective. Followers are expected to simply accept what is provided as truth, and face punishment, or…

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Friday Five – Were they needed?

HOF Game – ok, I get that everybody should be excited for NFL to be back, but is this “game” really necessary? Who is so desperate for football to watch 2 teams that have only been through 1.5-2 weeks of training camp? – no offense to Dallas and Arizona fans. As with most preseason action, the plays are mostly generic and the risk of injury is too high for a meaningless exhibition. You would think that the Hall of Fame portion would be more than enough to draw an audience. But, I guess if people will watch the Pro Bowl, they would also watch this one. The one stat that killed me was the W-L record of the “starting” QBs… 9-32.

ICBM “test”- in response to N. Korea’s 2nd missile test in a week, was it necessary to fire our own test missile? Shouldn’t it be common knowledge that the U.S. military already possesses the technology to use such weaponry? I’m just not getting what the goal was in responding this way. Seems a highly volatile game of chicken…I won’t be surprised if the “Doomsday Clock” gets pushed.

Press Secretary – I mean, really, in the current administration, is there any more useless position? When the president is actively tweeting policy, position, and attacking MSM, his critics, and anyone he wishes, is there any need to have Spicey, Mooch, or Sanders? Does the press, much less the American public, get any additional information as a result? I don’t think so…

Collegiate Pre-season Top 25 Polls – is there any sort of poll that is more about favoritism than this? It’s all about the “power” conferences, coaches, and legacies. You can have the greatest college team on paper, yet haven’t won a darn thing yet. Or, you can have a talented team with little national recognition be overlooked. As compared to pro football, college has a higher degree of variability. Yes, they both have unexpected injuries but the turnover of talent is much higher at the college level, in my opinion. And, there are some stadiums that are nearly impossible to win as the visitor. One trend that I do like is many of the “easy” games that use to be scheduled in the first few weeks of the season are gone. I like that teams are tested right out of the gate, so you can get a better idea of how the season may progress.

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Monday Mourning…don’t call it a comeback

Well, after a much needed week off to get my new pc up and running, and spend some time in the Outer Banks, yeah, not that super secret (haha) anti-scientology group, the North Carolina Barrier Islands 🙂 I’m back, refreshed and ready to continue.

So, what has transpired since my last post? Well, I’ve seen a lot of new, questionable accounts created on both sides, as well as the usual targeted trolling, whining, deflection, and denials. It’s kind of funny, as an outsider, that sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between one side or the other. There seems to be very little “fact checking” or concern for the truth. The more outlandish the claim, the more likes received, the happier they seem to be within their “group”. Unfortunately, at times, both sides seem equally foolish and misguided. If your “argument” isn’t rooted in facts or truth, you end up hurting the overall credibility and validity of everyone, whichever side you reside.

As for a comment about “being dramatic” due to blocking some accounts, I’d remind all that I did not create the thread, yet held my comments when there were tweets that I was uncomfortable with. I didn’t ask to be tagged, or untagged, and certainly didn’t get triggered by “blowing up my notifications”, especially after a few were active participants in the thread. It’s incredibly hypocritical to refuse untagging someone, even a scientologist who requested to be, then expect your request to be honored. It also seemed that several accounts changed their “tactics” after realizing a few “movers & shakers” were tagged in the conversation. Perhaps I’m wrong, perhaps I’ll be ostracized, but I will not change my approach, and will not be silenced by either side. As long as there are stories of abuse, harassment, and smearing, I will continue highlighting them.

As for vacation, we had great weather for all but the last day and a half. Lots of sun, sand, food, mini golf, kite flying, and, of course beer. 🙂 I’ll get into that a little more over the next few days.

Reminder, Anonymous is organizing global protests at Co$ locations, occurring on Sept 9 & 10th.

Stand Up, Speak Out, and Be Heard.


Friday 5ehr-ish…

Scientology math – beyond the claims of millions of members (eleventy bazillion), I also saw a thread on Twitter where one claimed that 27 out of 32 people are liars. So, 84% of the world’s population are nothing but low-life liars…6.3 billion, which would include the 2.5% of SPs, and 17.5% of PTS that LRH claims. Thus, leaving us with 1.2 billion non-liars. Yet, they can only account for a small percentage of that remainder. Add to that their claims of 47X growth, 837% increase in interest of scientology, and all their other unsubstantiated statistics, you can quickly see that their “new” math doesn’t add up.

Buzz words – I’ve also noticed an increase, from Co$ and their apologists, in words that are meant to trigger an emotional response – “Hate Crime”, “Veiled Threat”, “Bigot”, “Bigotry”, and similar verbiage. Somehow, not liking, let alone replying to, their recent FreedomMediaEthics and STAAD league bot account posts, or voicing a dislike for the abuse reported by survivors is now a punishable offense of the most heinous kind…

Bot/Alt Accounts – It is a disservice to both sides if they employ fake or spam bot accounts. These debates should be between real people rather than secondary or tertiary accounts created just to spread misinformation. I find that both sides participate in this activity, and both are equally sad.

Offline – I’ll be offline a good bit of the next week as I transition to a new PC and get it all up and running. Please be safe – Stand Up, Speak Out, and Be Heard.

BTW – I know it’s only 4 items, but just illustrating how Co$ math seems to work 😉



Verisimilitude, generally defined, is “appearing to be true or real”, per Oxford Dictionaries. One English Lit professor explained it to me as “the act of being truth-like”. It does not mean truth, but rather the act of wanting to appear like truth. This has become a popular tool used by oppressive groups, individuals, and movements.

Rather than deal in truth, these actors produce words, actions, and propaganda that resembles truth that, when deconstructed, often falls apart quickly. The trouble is, only those who take the time to deconstruct, will find the flaws. Those who digest the works of an oppressor, do not take the time to deconstruct. They assimilate it as fact, and most often fail to challenge its validity. Such is the case with followers of most movements, such as cults, from my perspective. Followers are expected to simply accept what is provided as truth, and face punishment, or fear of being shunned, for not adhering.

Oppressors frequently rely on a single source for all “truth”, such as scripture, policy, or jazzy propaganda pieces. If one would peel back the veneer of such things, you would easily note a lack of independently verifiable information or peer reviewed confirmation/validation. In fact, blind faith is a cornerstone of oppressive behavior. The leaders demand strict adherence through elaborate, documented means of punishment for those who do not acquiesce or follow without question. Simply, believe all I say/do, or face the consequences.

Beyond ideas of shunning, disconnection, being declared an apostate, or worse, it also provides guidelines on how to “handle” non-followers or critics in cookie-cutter fashion. As many others can attest to, the methods employed to silence critics is vast, but very predictable. Ranging from circular online “arguments” focusing on how followers are the only ones who are “truthful” (Honest PR hat), to Black PR (smear), or fair gaming, to extremes of gas lighting, legal/career threats, and surveillance or doxing. The goal is to either frustrate, enrage, or force disengagement. Bonus points if they can cause discord among groups of non-followers.

So, when faced with oppressors, their followers or apologists, how do you confront this idea of verisimilitude? My suggestion is to rely on provable, documented facts where available. It is far easier to argue from a position of truth with verifiable information, than attempting to appear truthful. Yes, on occasion you may be wrong – happened to me yesterday. But, rather than attempt to talk around the error, simply admit you were wrong, correct, and refocus on provable facts. In most cases, those who deal in verisimilitude will refuse to allow any in depth inquiry. They will quickly fall back to circular arguments, meaningless personal attacks, or similar means to deflect. It is their literal Achilles’ heel. When pushed to provide verifiable, validated proof, they cannot. It is very easy to identify the differences between appearing truthful, and being truthful. For me, I will continue to stand with those who are willing to look beyond the surface and dig for the truth.

Stand Up, Speak Out, and Be Heard!


Monday Motivation – On Non-truth

While we all probably have our own evidence of how Co$ peddles non-truths on a daily basis, I thought it would be “fun” to see what others have written or documented –

Select quotes from Source

Some Source Biographical Info

More Source quotes

Non-truth about the end

Supposed Crime Timeline


CCHR Background

There are literally endless articles and links, but I think these provide a nice framework to see how non-truth is employed at an organizational level, let alone how some of the individuals bend or ignore truth to benefit their stance. Feel free to read and leave a comment on your own personal experience.

BTW, only 50+ days until NFL…

Stand Up, Speak Out, and Be Heard!



Friday Five – Chaos is the game

Politics – take your pick, supposed Russian interference, collusion, obstruction, emails, meetings, phone calls, government agents, special prosecutors, business interests, intelligence leaks, healthcare reform, Medicaid cuts, Opioid overdoses, voter database hacking, refusal to turn over voter database information, inaccurate security clearance applications, awkwardly timed foreign trips, very awkward greetings and goodbyes…so much data flying around that it seems impossible to get to exactly what the truth is. Fake news, Alternative facts, and whistleblowing/leaking just clouds the situation. And, as much as I am not on board with 45, there is a strong argument that network “news” is driven by agenda rather than facts. Every attempt to “catch up” on the news of the day results in being exposed to talking heads that try to drive home their point through innuendo or ignorance rather than fact. It would be great if any of them took the time and effort to fully research one piece of the puzzle before jumping to conclusions. Just because we live in a 24/7 news cycle era, does not mean we need to beat the same story to death with talking heads/opinions rather than provable facts.

Sports – sorry baseball, but this is the dark time of year. No football, basketball, or hockey, yet I could not find any interest in the events of the All-Star break. When the leading teams are only winning 67% of their games, and knowing we still have nearly 1/2 a season to go, I find myself uninterested. As for other sporting news, really not that interested in the Mayweather-McGregor “fight” either. The hype is fun to watch, but not sure that this match is worth $100+ on PPV. In the end, do I really care if a boxer can outbox an MMA fighter, or visa-versa?

Dog days of Summer – after a very fun 4th of July week, it seems I am now set in the realization the next holiday is Labor Day, so no long weekends, no planned BBQs, or other fun activities. Just a month and a half of heat, humidity, thunderstorms, and mowing grass. I’m hoping to snap out of this phase but, since I’ll be solo parenting for several weeks while my partner travels for work, I’m not optimistic about that.

Scientology and the Aftermath – although this docu-series has been nominated for 2 Emmys, it hasn’t stopped Co$ and apologists from trying to smear the area with black PR and going after supporters. STAAD and Freedumb Ethics are running promoted Ads on Twitter, spreading negative stories about folks like Leah and Bryan, or even trying to label this blog as a “hate” site. It’s a sad state of affairs when they cannot participate in real discussions about issues told by Co$ survivors. It is my understanding that they have been given open invitations to participate, but choose to ignore or attack after the fact. And, I know for a fact that they could leave comments here if they so choose. Instead, they would rather engage in one-sided character attacks. Fortunately, when this happens, folks like Aaron have the courage to speak out and address the accusations used against them…even if they cannot get the name correct. 🙂

Gaming – waaaay off topic here, but being an old school gamer, I have found myself interesting in watching some of the live-streaming of gaming on YouTube. Some of my favorites – PixelDwellers (personal friends), 5tat, One_Shot_Gurl, Baylze, ChrisesFace, and JHub. It’s amazing to see what this community has been able to do to turn gaming into full-time jobs, in some cases. It is also a really good way to meet fellow gamers and gain insight into some of the newer games that are out there. I highly recommend checking these and other streamers out.

Have a great weekend all – Stand Up, Speak Out, and Be Heard!


Just for Lulz…

I guess one day I’m “libel” to rue the day of speaking out about Co$ and those who support it, and standing up with those who have reportedly suffered abuses, but I will not stop speaking out, hopefully these voices will be heard. 😉


Hate-gate, Arizona Indy, and the curse of Co$

So late last week Arizona Indy decided to take a swipe or two at me and my little blog here. In fact, beyond just claiming I was stupid, Indy also proclaimed that I operate a “Hate Blog”. As of this moment, I challenge this person to either file a complaint or provide documented proof that I have either stated, promoted, or requested any type of hatred or violent action on this blog. Arizona Indy will either ignore this challenge, or use it as a reason to post more smear on Twitter behind a block wall. Since February, Arizona Indy has shown time and time again that they are willing to stoop to any level to try and elicit a nasty or “veiled” response. Yet, it is this person who has called others such things as “rapist”, “stupid”, “evil”, “socks”, “trolls” and even stated that you shouldn’t have dinner with one specific person as they would attempt to poison you. And now, they would want you to believe that my thoughts and ideas on Co$ are somehow classified as a “Hate Blog”. I have no idea what end-goal Arizona Indy has, but it is clear that they are willing to publicly accuse others of hate even when they threaten to go to LA to physically confront the IJC.

Beerunch – I had the opportunity to go to the local “World of Beer” yesterday for brunch. My partner had beer infused Belgian Waffles with strawberries and cream, and I had the Heuvos Rancheros. We were able to sit outside in the sun, and not only enjoyed the food, but enjoyed a few beers as well.  I quite enjoyed the Rivertowne Brewing Peaches & Cream Nitro (did not taste like a beer at all 🙂 ), Julius Echter Premium Weissbier Hell, and shared a glass of Bell’s Brewery Kalamazoo Stout. The stout was served from cask, so only carbonated from natural fermentation, and at room temperature. My partner also enjoyed the Green Flash Brewing Co Passion Fruit Kicker. All in all, it was a great start to the day and a very pleasant way to end out a holiday week. I definitely recommend everyone give this place a try.

From my perspective, I tend to evaluate by words and actions, not by who you are (or who others think you are) in the public space. Deciding to launch a stream of vicious/slanderous/libelous tweets simply because someone does not agree with you, is viewed as petty and misguided. I’m sure I have resorted to this tactic in the past to some degree, but I’m trying to be more cognizant of it these days. Due to the recent “actions” of STAAD, adding many of us to a block list, it is important to not go after individual members of this group. Rely on facts and truth in pointing out their hypocrisy and how they employ the same tactics that they supposedly are against. In my opinion, they are no more for “free speech” and “religious tolerance” than any other Co$ front group. Unfortunately, they are simply following the policies and procedures that are documented by LRH and COB. The curse is that they cannot/will not stop and reflect on this truth, they simply plod along like a good scion without questioning the impact or hypocrisy of their actions.

Do not allow folks like Arizona Indy, the East Grinstead Trolls, Clownface, or STAAD to intimidate, bullbait, or label you. We all must Stand Up, Speak Out, and Be Heard – even in our own unique way. As long as you deal in truth and facts, they have no control over you, and can only attempt to use threats and accusation against you. In the end, they will block or ignore you if they cannot suppress your words and actions.


Friday Five – Post 4th Recovery :)

Well, hopefully everyone enjoyed the holiday, I know we did.

Black Raspberries – first, these are by far my favorite fruit. So, we went to a local “pick your own” farm and harvested 7.5 pounds of them. They are very rare to find in the grocery store produce section, and these were as organic as possible. We froze quite a bit of them, so will be enjoying well into the winter – Yay me 🙂

Parties – yeah, we had a few. We hosted a “graduation” party for our daughters and their friends. 120 pounds of ice, a long day in the pool, grilling during a thunderstorm, and a great time with friends and family – Chocolate Cake Shots as well. A post party swim hangout the following day, followed by a party hosted by another family on the 4th – ribs, beers, quinoa salad, and kamikaze shots…all in all, a very good extended weekend.

Beers – Shiner Bock, Shiner Strawberry Blonde, Sam Adams Porch Rocker, Sam Adams Summer Ale, Leinenkugel’s Summer Wheat, Evil Genius Purple Monkey Dishwasher…and maybe 1 or two others 🙂

Trolls – seems Mr. Middle Path’s #alternativefacts videos have pulled the usual trolls out of the woodwork – Arizona Indy, the Twit, and Clownface have emerged from hibernation to continue to spew misinformation, personal digs, and create dissention or chaos – I doubt the will have much success.

#OpScientology – Global protests are being planned for September 9-10th around the world. Please consider supporting as best you can.

Stand Up, Speak Out, and Be Heard!