4/18/17 – So, where do we start? I’ve spent a few years reading/listening to so many stories of abusive Co$ policies and actions from ex-members, The Underground Bunker, Mike Rinder’s Blog, Going Clear, Scientology & the Aftermath, YouTube, Twitter, and various books. I’ve had my share of run-ins w/ a couple of the infamous twitter PR trolls, blocked by “celebrity” members as well as STAND, several @Scientology/Narconon accounts, and a few other run-of-the-mill members. Why? Is it because I offended them, or can they not face the reality of modern civilization, or lack the tools to communicate without relying on Co$ doctrine?

I find it rather off-putting to see how they treat anyone who speaks out against them, questions their policies and actions, or simply wants to communicate w/ family, friends, or acquaintances who happen to be members. The use of STAND, whois sites, and FreedomEthics to post smear appears to go well beyond religious principle. And, as a tax-exempt organization, seems to be a gross misuse of funds. While it may be easy to say “turn the other cheek” when it doesn’t directly impact you, as a human, husband, father, and marginally caring person, when I see how their policies such as disconnection and fair game are used, I am moved to speak out. I have no real intent of this blog, other than to provide a space to air my thoughts and share posts from other pertinent sites. I may also veer off into discussions of football, golf, family, and BEER!

P.S. To those I have met as a result of this topic, thank you for standing up, speaking out, and being there for those who need our support and help.