Friday Five…meh

So, first up…just an onlooker, at this point, in the “fight” against Co$. I was never in, yet concerned about the reported abuses and willing to speak out with the ex-members. Due to recent events, I’ve pulled back my vocal support and just taking a voyeuristic interest in the discussion. I still feel the exes should continue to report the abusive policies, beliefs, and actions, but I’m no longer taking an active role. The only advise I have is to continue to focus on the truth and provable facts. There is no greater way to cut through bs and smear than with hard evidence.

Pre-season football – I hope as we get closer to opening day my interest will increase, but at this point I have very little interest in watching any of these games. I understand the need to get feedback on rookies, free agents, and bubble players but, until the starters are playing and the games count, I don’t have any good reason to tune in. The only thing of interest, for me, is the resulting injury reports after the “games”. For me, it seems useless to televise these pre-season games as there is very little to gain from them, as a fan.

Battlegrounds – since my new pc is up and running, I’ve started playing this game with varying results. Best finish so far was a 2nd place – while I was taking out a player hiding in a shack, I was being shot by the eventual winner. I need to learn a little patience as, had I waited another 10-15 seconds, the other player may have revealed themselves so I could have taken them out before the player trapped in the shed. On the other hand, I’ve also been killed within 30 seconds – it’s the nature of the game, where the loot generates and players land.

Last days of summer – ugh, where did the summer go? Seems there have been far too many days of storms and rain than 100 degree weather. Not that I’m complaining about not sweating my butt off, but really not looking forward to closing the pool and mulching leaves. Guess I’ll need to play at least 1 more good party 🙂

Weekend – yay – ok, definitely going to take a little time to unwind, relax, and enjoy a few adult beverages. I’ve been too much solo parenting the last month, so going to try and enjoy time with my significant other, since the kiddos are spending a week with Nanny.



3 thoughts on “Friday Five…meh

  1. Peter S

    “Due to recent events”….did someone get to you?

    For you to “pull back” and unfollow ppl who supported you makes no sense. Seems like you were butthurt about something trivial and dont want to admit it.


    1. hbic826

      I’m sorry but shreck was not but hurt at ANYTIME and if u TRULY KNEW him, truly knew him, he stands for truth and facts not half truths and facts? What I find funny is u sound like u know him but are unwilling to speak out openly under ur real acct! 🤔 BUTTHURT 😂😂😂😂


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