Friday Five – Were they needed?

HOF Game – ok, I get that everybody should be excited for NFL to be back, but is this “game” really necessary? Who is so desperate for football to watch 2 teams that have only been through 1.5-2 weeks of training camp? – no offense to Dallas and Arizona fans. As with most preseason action, the plays are mostly generic and the risk of injury is too high for a meaningless exhibition. You would think that the Hall of Fame portion would be more than enough to draw an audience. But, I guess if people will watch the Pro Bowl, they would also watch this one. The one stat that killed me was the W-L record of the “starting” QBs… 9-32.

ICBM “test”- in response to N. Korea’s 2nd missile test in a week, was it necessary to fire our own test missile? Shouldn’t it be common knowledge that the U.S. military already possesses the technology to use such weaponry? I’m just not getting what the goal was in responding this way. Seems a highly volatile game of chicken…I won’t be surprised if the “Doomsday Clock” gets pushed.

Press Secretary – I mean, really, in the current administration, is there any more useless position? When the president is actively tweeting policy, position, and attacking MSM, his critics, and anyone he wishes, is there any need to have Spicey, Mooch, or Sanders? Does the press, much less the American public, get any additional information as a result? I don’t think so…

Collegiate Pre-season Top 25 Polls – is there any sort of poll that is more about favoritism than this? It’s all about the “power” conferences, coaches, and legacies. You can have the greatest college team on paper, yet haven’t won a darn thing yet. Or, you can have a talented team with little national recognition be overlooked. As compared to pro football, college has a higher degree of variability. Yes, they both have unexpected injuries but the turnover of talent is much higher at the college level, in my opinion. And, there are some stadiums that are nearly impossible to win as the visitor. One trend that I do like is many of the “easy” games that use to be scheduled in the first few weeks of the season are gone. I like that teams are tested right out of the gate, so you can get a better idea of how the season may progress.

Space left blank, intentionally  – TBD





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