Monday Mourning…don’t call it a comeback

Well, after a much needed week off to get my new pc up and running, and spend some time in the Outer Banks, yeah, not that super secret (haha) anti-scientology group, the North Carolina Barrier Islands 🙂 I’m back, refreshed and ready to continue.

So, what has transpired since my last post? Well, I’ve seen a lot of new, questionable accounts created on both sides, as well as the usual targeted trolling, whining, deflection, and denials. It’s kind of funny, as an outsider, that sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between one side or the other. There seems to be very little “fact checking” or concern for the truth. The more outlandish the claim, the more likes received, the happier they seem to be within their “group”. Unfortunately, at times, both sides seem equally foolish and misguided. If your “argument” isn’t rooted in facts or truth, you end up hurting the overall credibility and validity of everyone, whichever side you reside.

As for a comment about “being dramatic” due to blocking some accounts, I’d remind all that I did not create the thread, yet held my comments when there were tweets that I was uncomfortable with. I didn’t ask to be tagged, or untagged, and certainly didn’t get triggered by “blowing up my notifications”, especially after a few were active participants in the thread. It’s incredibly hypocritical to refuse untagging someone, even a scientologist who requested to be, then expect your request to be honored. It also seemed that several accounts changed their “tactics” after realizing a few “movers & shakers” were tagged in the conversation. Perhaps I’m wrong, perhaps I’ll be ostracized, but I will not change my approach, and will not be silenced by either side. As long as there are stories of abuse, harassment, and smearing, I will continue highlighting them.

As for vacation, we had great weather for all but the last day and a half. Lots of sun, sand, food, mini golf, kite flying, and, of course beer. 🙂 I’ll get into that a little more over the next few days.

Reminder, Anonymous is organizing global protests at Co$ locations, occurring on Sept 9 & 10th.

Stand Up, Speak Out, and Be Heard.



7 thoughts on “Monday Mourning…don’t call it a comeback

  1. Melissa

    Well don’t you come off as a complete asshole with this post. Why don’t you be less cryptic and lay out there who you think she Making these “outlandish” claims. The fact that you say you can’t tell the difference between the two groups is quite frankly insulting. Oh and for the record, I’m not part or any fucking group but you sure did show your true colors! Appreciate the block. I’m too old for this shit, but you don’t get to trash people who are fighting the abuses.


    1. floundertke300

      Thanks! I appreciate the feedback. Nice to see that people are reading and thinking about what I post. As you might notice, the “outlandish” comment was not gender specific as was stated as a general comment regarding some claims that have been made recently on both sides. I’m sorry if you take offense to that, but that is how I see it.


      1. Melissa

        I have a problem with people who can talk shit but can’t do it to someone’s face. You used MY POST from a fb group that I left a long time ago. I guess A&E didn’t find any of my claims outlandish since they filmed with me and I guess others that I won’t name don’t find my claims outlandish. Nah boo, people aren’t too worried about your blog and your opinion, but I have an issue with someone who will talk shit and block people, but can’t come to them personally. I see who you are! Thanks for reposting my comment that started such a debate. Oh you do know that the outer butts blog is run by a scientologist! ✌🏼


      2. floundertke300

        Sorry to say, but you are as far off base as you can be. The “dramatic” part was from a tweet after my notice that I was going to be blocking. It had nothing to do with FB or you.


      3. Melissa

        Sorry to say that considering that I wasn’t even responding to people, I find it interesting that you blocked me. I’m here to fight the abuses and fight for my family cause I was IN Scientology for 20 years and it destroyed my family. Appreciate the block. ✌🏼


      4. floundertke300

        And as I’m sure you realize, you were not singled out in the blocking. Perhaps going back 5-6 days and reading some of the stuff in that thread may give you perspective on my reaction.


      5. Melissa

        Nah, again, I’m good. The only assholes I go toe to toe with is people like JB. You have an issue with someone else and you lumped me in with them. The only way I look at it is this way, if you were fighting the same fight as me, you would have come to me rather than be petty and childish and block me. So thanks for using my post from the outer butts, lame af. You have a great night, I’m done!


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