Friday 5ehr-ish…

Scientology math – beyond the claims of millions of members (eleventy bazillion), I also saw a thread on Twitter where one claimed that 27 out of 32 people are liars. So, 84% of the world’s population are nothing but low-life liars…6.3 billion, which would include the 2.5% of SPs, and 17.5% of PTS that LRH claims. Thus, leaving us with 1.2 billion non-liars. Yet, they can only account for a small percentage of that remainder. Add to that their claims of 47X growth, 837% increase in interest of scientology, and all their other unsubstantiated statistics, you can quickly see that their “new” math doesn’t add up.

Buzz words – I’ve also noticed an increase, from Co$ and their apologists, in words that are meant to trigger an emotional response – “Hate Crime”, “Veiled Threat”, “Bigot”, “Bigotry”, and similar verbiage. Somehow, not liking, let alone replying to, their recent FreedomMediaEthics and STAAD league bot account posts, or voicing a dislike for the abuse reported by survivors is now a punishable offense of the most heinous kind…

Bot/Alt Accounts – It is a disservice to both sides if they employ fake or spam bot accounts. These debates should be between real people rather than secondary or tertiary accounts created just to spread misinformation. I find that both sides participate in this activity, and both are equally sad.

Offline – I’ll be offline a good bit of the next week as I transition to a new PC and get it all up and running. Please be safe – Stand Up, Speak Out, and Be Heard.

BTW – I know it’s only 4 items, but just illustrating how Co$ math seems to work 😉



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