Friday Five – Chaos is the game

Politics – take your pick, supposed Russian interference, collusion, obstruction, emails, meetings, phone calls, government agents, special prosecutors, business interests, intelligence leaks, healthcare reform, Medicaid cuts, Opioid overdoses, voter database hacking, refusal to turn over voter database information, inaccurate security clearance applications, awkwardly timed foreign trips, very awkward greetings and goodbyes…so much data flying around that it seems impossible to get to exactly what the truth is. Fake news, Alternative facts, and whistleblowing/leaking just clouds the situation. And, as much as I am not on board with 45, there is a strong argument that network “news” is driven by agenda rather than facts. Every attempt to “catch up” on the news of the day results in being exposed to talking heads that try to drive home their point through innuendo or ignorance rather than fact. It would be great if any of them took the time and effort to fully research one piece of the puzzle before jumping to conclusions. Just because we live in a 24/7 news cycle era, does not mean we need to beat the same story to death with talking heads/opinions rather than provable facts.

Sports – sorry baseball, but this is the dark time of year. No football, basketball, or hockey, yet I could not find any interest in the events of the All-Star break. When the leading teams are only winning 67% of their games, and knowing we still have nearly 1/2 a season to go, I find myself uninterested. As for other sporting news, really not that interested in the Mayweather-McGregor “fight” either. The hype is fun to watch, but not sure that this match is worth $100+ on PPV. In the end, do I really care if a boxer can outbox an MMA fighter, or visa-versa?

Dog days of Summer – after a very fun 4th of July week, it seems I am now set in the realization the next holiday is Labor Day, so no long weekends, no planned BBQs, or other fun activities. Just a month and a half of heat, humidity, thunderstorms, and mowing grass. I’m hoping to snap out of this phase but, since I’ll be solo parenting for several weeks while my partner travels for work, I’m not optimistic about that.

Scientology and the Aftermath – although this docu-series has been nominated for 2 Emmys, it hasn’t stopped Co$ and apologists from trying to smear the area with black PR and going after supporters. STAAD and Freedumb Ethics are running promoted Ads on Twitter, spreading negative stories about folks like Leah and Bryan, or even trying to label this blog as a “hate” site. It’s a sad state of affairs when they cannot participate in real discussions about issues told by Co$ survivors. It is my understanding that they have been given open invitations to participate, but choose to ignore or attack after the fact. And, I know for a fact that they could leave comments here if they so choose. Instead, they would rather engage in one-sided character attacks. Fortunately, when this happens, folks like Aaron have the courage to speak out and address the accusations used against them…even if they cannot get the name correct. πŸ™‚

Gaming – waaaay off topic here, but being an old school gamer, I have found myself interesting in watching some of the live-streaming of gaming on YouTube. Some of my favorites – PixelDwellers (personal friends), 5tat, One_Shot_Gurl, Baylze, ChrisesFace, and JHub. It’s amazing to see what this community has been able to do to turn gaming into full-time jobs, in some cases. It is also a really good way to meet fellow gamers and gain insight into some of the newer games that are out there. I highly recommend checking these and other streamers out.

Have a great weekend all – Stand Up, Speak Out, and Be Heard!



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