Hate-gate, Arizona Indy, and the curse of Co$

So late last week Arizona Indy decided to take a swipe or two at me and my little blog here. In fact, beyond just claiming I was stupid, Indy also proclaimed that I operate a “Hate Blog”. As of this moment, I challenge this person to either file a complaint or provide documented proof that I have either stated, promoted, or requested any type of hatred or violent action on this blog. Arizona Indy will either ignore this challenge, or use it as a reason to post more smear on Twitter behind a block wall. Since February, Arizona Indy has shown time and time again that they are willing to stoop to any level to try and elicit a nasty or “veiled” response. Yet, it is this person who has called others such things as “rapist”, “stupid”, “evil”, “socks”, “trolls” and even stated that you shouldn’t have dinner with one specific person as they would attempt to poison you. And now, they would want you to believe that my thoughts and ideas on Co$ are somehow classified as a “Hate Blog”. I have no idea what end-goal Arizona Indy has, but it is clear that they are willing to publicly accuse others of hate even when they threaten to go to LA to physically confront the IJC.

Beerunch – I had the opportunity to go to the local “World of Beer” yesterday for brunch. My partner had beer infused Belgian Waffles with strawberries and cream, and I had the Heuvos Rancheros. We were able to sit outside in the sun, and not only enjoyed the food, but enjoyed a few beers as well.  I quite enjoyed the Rivertowne Brewing Peaches & Cream Nitro (did not taste like a beer at all 🙂 ), Julius Echter Premium Weissbier Hell, and shared a glass of Bell’s Brewery Kalamazoo Stout. The stout was served from cask, so only carbonated from natural fermentation, and at room temperature. My partner also enjoyed the Green Flash Brewing Co Passion Fruit Kicker. All in all, it was a great start to the day and a very pleasant way to end out a holiday week. I definitely recommend everyone give this place a try.

From my perspective, I tend to evaluate by words and actions, not by who you are (or who others think you are) in the public space. Deciding to launch a stream of vicious/slanderous/libelous tweets simply because someone does not agree with you, is viewed as petty and misguided. I’m sure I have resorted to this tactic in the past to some degree, but I’m trying to be more cognizant of it these days. Due to the recent “actions” of STAAD, adding many of us to a block list, it is important to not go after individual members of this group. Rely on facts and truth in pointing out their hypocrisy and how they employ the same tactics that they supposedly are against. In my opinion, they are no more for “free speech” and “religious tolerance” than any other Co$ front group. Unfortunately, they are simply following the policies and procedures that are documented by LRH and COB. The curse is that they cannot/will not stop and reflect on this truth, they simply plod along like a good scion without questioning the impact or hypocrisy of their actions.

Do not allow folks like Arizona Indy, the East Grinstead Trolls, Clownface, or STAAD to intimidate, bullbait, or label you. We all must Stand Up, Speak Out, and Be Heard – even in our own unique way. As long as you deal in truth and facts, they have no control over you, and can only attempt to use threats and accusation against you. In the end, they will block or ignore you if they cannot suppress your words and actions.



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