Return of the Trolls?

So, seems we have a return of “Arizona Indy” and at least 1/2 of the East Grinstead troll brigade recently on Twitter. I wonder why? Could it be that public opinion of Co$ and LRH’s policies, actions, and beliefs are at an all-time low? Or, is there a new “arraignment” between Co$ and Indies? Did they all find a “savior” in the little videos from the “middle path” guru? Seems they are very “enturbulated” recently, especially as a result of someone speaking out about the “ASC Troika”.

For those of us who are not ASC, outer banks, or some other secretive group, this line of attack is laughably impotent. We don’t care about who is supposedly leading the cause, as we are not card-carrying members. I do find it interesting that Arizona Indy wants to have the protestors focus on “current management” rather than the policies themselves. It is another overly simplified example of someone out of touch with what the majority of us are against. It is as laughable as Arizona Indy suggesting that Anonymous, just as OSA, works for Co$, or that some of us are socks, trolls, or OSA agents. This person seems to be operating under the impression that if you “throw out enough BS”, some of it is bound to either be true or at least cast some doubt. Yet, they are just accusations with no amount of evidence.

As for the other troll, no matter the topic, we are sure to get a “Nope”, #facepalm, “Oh Dear” response, rather than any real facts or answers. Neither, by the way, would ever have the courage to participate in a serious examination of Co$, LRH, or policies, practices, or beliefs. They are happy to engage from a distance, with one-sided lies, deflections, innuendos, or smear, but do not have the capacity to actually engage in a meaningful dialog where they cannot attempt to control the situation.

In the end, trolls like these two are the effect, not the cause. Until they can prove to have the capacity to honestly have a frank discussion about policy, action, or beliefs, they are simply a tool being used to infuse false information, distraction, or provoke a reaction that can be labeled as “violent” or “bigoted”. There is no real substance to their activity, and no real value in their “thoughts”. They are contributing as much to “planetary clearing” as I am to quantum physics…

Stand Up, Speak Out, and Be Heard!

New global #OpScientology protests scheduled for Sept 9 & 10, 2017.



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