An ill-advised game of chicken

Hopefully most of you know about the game of Chicken.

I can see this game being played out at many different levels – whether it’s Trump v. Un, Trump v. Comey/Mueller, Sessions v. Comey/Mueller, Ossoff v. Handel, Left v. Right, Liberal v. Conservative, White Nationalism v. Globalism, “ASC” v. Co$, Indies v. “ASC”, etc.

There are two main problems with this dichotomy. First, if the two “players” are singular individuals or groups, such as leaders of a nation-state or “organized religion”, they are playing this game with all of us already in the ditch, filled with flammable materials. They don’t seem to care that the general public or other individuals may bear the full brunt of their actions even if they don’t swerve. And, are there adequate checks & balances on what “tactics” they employ? In other words, who will adhere to the “rules of engagement”, or “rules of war”? Can these leaders or groups be trusted to not push us to the precipice of annihilation? I don’t want to be a fear-monger, but if actions mirror words, we should all be concerned about what means these “leaders” are willing to use without regard for collateral damages. We all must question the authenticity/legitimacy of the power they wield and how they chose to wield it. I, for one, do not wish to be an unwilling victim of their overly-aggressive pursuit of power, real or imagined.

The second, is the belief that there are only two sides to nearly every issue. Now, I’m not going to preach about some great “middle path” as others have, but I will argue that a majority of the time, in my opinion, neither side is completely honest or correct. They employ hyperbole to garner support or play on the fears of the public. Whether it’s the exaggerated claims of “Evil Psychs” that rape and pillage, Paid Protestors who are just in it for the fame or money, policies that seek to regulate population growth, or “silence” critics…the only thing worthwhile is the pursuit of the unbiased, unmanufactured truth.

I have no time or patience for “made up” facts or stories, no interest in existing as a “tribute” or follower of a false cause, no need or desire to be a member of a “secret” group or one which hides behind lies, smears their critics, or engages in illicit activities to justify their authority. Their power lies only in the ability to label like-minded individuals as part of a particular group or party. But, it too is a fallacy. Being liberal or conservative on one topic does not necessarily mean that an individual uses the same logic or thought process for ALL. Labeling is used to simplify the rationale of why one should support or criticize, to love or hate, to attack or defend.

I refuse to be labeled as “liberal”, “democrat”, or “ASC”. I may hold a liberal approach to some topics, such as universal healthcare, I may be registered as Democrat, and I certainly stand against the reported abusive policies, actions, and beliefs of Co$, but that does not mean I have stopped thinking, researching, assessing, or seeking truth. I am beholden to no one but my family, my friends, and my mind. So take your simple labels and put them in the same orifice that your head seems to exist… ( . )

Stand Up, Speak Out, and Be Heard!



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