You be Frontin’

Of all the non-religiousy things that Co$ does to promote itself, one of the most disgusting is the use of front groups that appear to have little, if any, connection to Co$. One that has popped up over the past month, due to terrorist attacks and other horrific events, is the Volunteer Ministers (VMs). They are not new, but have recently tried to grab photo-ops by appearing near these events. They may have handed out some drinks and snacks to the first responders, but their underlying mission seems to be handing out “The Way to Happiness” pamphlets. While containing some “common sense” idioms, their true purpose is to recruit the unsuspecting into going to a local mission or org, take the personality test, and to begin their journey to the bridge. The also “help” by offering “touch assists” for free.

In regard to the recent horrific building fire at Grenfell Tower, it seems most who happened upon the VMs there, had the same reaction –


Just a little more background info on Co$ Vms –

YouTube video exposing how Vms tried to scam after 9/11 –

First Hand account of VM “help” in Haiti –

What LRH had to say about the purpose of VMs –

“The program is the successor to earlier Scientology outreach efforts, notably the “Casualty Contact” program for recruiting new Scientologists (called “preclears”) from hospitals, the scenes of accidents and other places where people might have experienced trauma. As Hubbard put it, “One takes every daily paper he can get his hands on and cuts from it every story whereby he might have a preclear. […] He should represent himself to the person or the person’s family as a minister whose compassion was compelled by the newspaper story concerning the person. […].”[1] ” ( )

There are a whole host of “front groups” that can be researched, and I may do so in the coming weeks, but thought this one in particular was timely, based on recent activity.

Stand Up, Speak Out, and Be Heard!



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