Friday 5…WTF?

Been sitting back taking in all that’s been occurring over the past week or so…boy, I need a drink or two šŸ˜‰

Cosby – While I have my own personal thoughts, I wasn’t in the courtroom and didn’t hear all the evidence, so I can’t really speak to guilt or innocence. But, I can speak to the jury coming back deadlocked. With that being the case, and the judge forcing them back to deliberation, can ANY verdict be accepted? Without knowing if it is one or more jurors who truly disagrees with the majority, additional time to coerce them to change their opinion seems unjust. I assume that they have voiced their reasons for their stance, otherwise they would be dismissed if they were tainted or looking to nullify the jury. In my opinion, the court of public opinion is often easier to convince than a small jury of peers, which is why some of these cases end up in court, yet fail to satisfy the public. In such cases, I always look to the performance of the prosecutors and defense attorneys. Did they push an “unwinnable” case? Did they rely on public opinion too much, and assume a certain outcome? I suspect that in this case, we end with a hung jury, and if we do, I don’t suspect it will be re-tried.

Comey/Sessions – I watched both testify, and I can’t help but feel Comey was the more honest party. I can’t say that I believe every bit of his testimony, but he had less to gain/lose from not being truthful. He had already been removed from his position at the FBI, so as a private citizen, he was no longer bound by ideas of loyalty to the administration. Sessions, on the other hand, seemed to use the time honored tradition of “I don’t remember” as a valid response. While I can relate to missing or forgetting details of a specific event, I cannot believe he didn’t have the thought to go back and look for any amount of evidence to confirm or deny what actually took place. His answers often seemed off-point and a tactic to stall while the time allotted to each senator ran out. Invoking some unwritten privilege to not speak about conversations with the President was a weak attempt to deflect from the truth.

Influence/Obstruction/Ignorance – So, whatever side of the “aisle” you may find yourself, I find it asinine to ignore the evidence of tampering with truth. Private meetings with the Attorney Generals, Head of the FBI, foreign politicians or dignitaries in hope of swaying favor is simply unacceptable from any party or politician. And then, to try and hide this information from the public, is an even worse crime in my book. Open and honest should be the rule of law. Anything less should be reason for removal…period.

Animal Cruelty – I’ve seen lots of tweets regarding dog and cat meat markets and the process by which the animals are handled. I was truly sickened by the mere idea that this is acceptable in any society. It must be stopped…

#OpScientology – Stand Up, Speak Out, and Be Heard.


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