Spring Cleaning

So, I had every intention to post something over the weekend, but found that trying to upgrade my video card was a much bigger headache that I could handle 😉 In the end, I put the original card back in and gave up. It’s unfortunate that some pc manufacturers make it impossible to upgrade their systems as they simply quit supporting updates. Oh well, at least my laptop got a good cleaning while it was apart.

So, interesting stuff appearing online while I was in lurker mode. We have a former high-ranking official posting short segments of a larger “interview” in which the goal appears to be to undercut “Going Clear”, and the “ASC – Anti Scientology Cult”, as this person views this work as the original “ASC playbook”. The interesting bits so far is how this person seems to be “outing” others as biased, misleading, or having questionable credibility, yet hasn’t seemed to have come to grips with their own short-comings or history. I have no idea what the end goal is, but it’s clear that there are multiple people that will be the “targets” of this mini-series. While some of the coming information may be uncomfortable, I look forward to hearing more. Ultimately, truth will win out, regardless of who is presenting it. To be sure, there are many facets to this situation. Whether you are a member in good standing, under the radar, an ex, a never-in, or an Indy, truth is what we should all be striving for.

I also noticed that one of our “favorite” indies seems to be at it again. It must be flip-flop season, because this person seems to be back into criticizing critics and ex-members, while playing to the East Grinstead troll duo. I wish this person no ill will, and have nearly forgotten that they are still online, but is it so hard to take a position and stay with it for more than a month or two? And, what is your goal? To annoy as many people as possible? Seems that the only goal is to try and remain relevant in this topic by alternating support or criticism to both sides. If, as this person says, it works for you, then go use it and remove yourself from the dialog – Namaste to you.

I also noticed a recent departure from twitter and the blog-o-sphere from another party who seems to be stuck between positions and sides. Not sure the cause, but seems to be a sign of the coming storm. Are some parties hunkering down and shuttering the doors and windows before SuMP begins broadcasting, and #OpScientology kicks into gear? Seems odd timing to me, but I guess we will wait and see if this is just a one-off or becomes a common occurrence.

As we roll into summer, I look forward to the coming protests, SuMP broadcasting, Scientology and the Aftermath Season 2, more vids from some of our favorite exes, the continuing drama of leaks, lies, smear, and in the end, more truth. We may learn that everything is not as it seems, or that it is exactly what we thought. I’m going to enjoy the ride where ever it may lead.

Stand Up, Speak Out, and Be Heard!

P.S. – very happy that the Penguins were able to pull out the win @Nashville Sunday night. They earned the Stanley Cup, but both teams should be commended on a well played series. By the time this posts in the morning, I expect the Warriors to close out the NBA finals as well. Guess only time with tell 🙂 Next up will be college and pro football – yes, I know we are well into the MLB season, but I really can’t start watching until August. The grind of the season is just more than I am interested in dealing with.



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