Celebrity Endorsements?

Another quick, but hopefully hard hitting thought – if the existence of your “religion” relies on celebrity endorsements, is it to be taken seriously?

No offense to Tom, John, Kristie, Joy, Alanna, et al, but I’m not one to be swayed by a “star” who swears by a product. So, why would I take their word for a “belief system”? There are literally tons of other celebs who bring light to this world through their charity work. Three of my favorites are Iron Man, Cpt America, and Star Lord. These guys do so in a very unassuming manner, and are not trying to “fleece” anyone while doing so. And, I have no idea their religious status or preference, as they do not use their status as a means to recruit unsuspecting people.

To be fair, I’d give these folks a fair shake if we could get proof of their “charitable” works, that can be verified by a third party. Why would I simply believe their figures when they are so secretive about all aspects of their “belief system”? Eleventy million members, 870% increase in interest, reached 1 billion people…are these figures anyone outside of Co$ can believe? My short answer is – No. Open your books, open your orgs, and speak openly about the organization, and you just might either gain public support, or expose the truth. Until then, don’t expect us to be swayed by someone who lives a charmed life and has never had to confront the stories shared by ex-members.

Stand Up, Speak Out, and Be Heard!




One thought on “Celebrity Endorsements?

  1. The fact they are so closed minded to anything other than co$ and the fact any negativity gets you Blocked well they have only showed the world how hypocritical and egotistical they are! Afterall what has tc or krustie done that makes them among the most ethical group on the Planet?🤔 they’re only actors…

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