Friday 100-95…

Wow, what a week, even if it was a shortened holiday week.

NHL Finals – While my team happens to be the Pittsburgh Penguins, who currently enjoy a 2-0 lead in the series, I’m always cautious about assuming that it’s over. Sure, they one two games at home, but neither game was a dominate performance. It started in Game 1 with the instant replay reversal of Nashville’s goal to open the finals. Had it not been reversed, the game could have been tied at 4, and the empty netter would not have happened. While the Pens have plenty of offensive firepower, they also tend to sit back and coast, a bit, when leading. So, I’m not counting out the Predators yet. They get a chance to even the series as it turns to Nashville.

NBA Finals – All, I can say is – I think the better “team” won game 1, and should win the series…barring any freak injuries. Much respect for Lebron James and Kyrie Irving, but I think the Warriors have more depth and truly do play a better team game.

NFL – uhm, less than 100 days until football! And, I cannot wait. Lots of bylines to watch – the rookies, sophomore QBs, those returning from injuries (J.J. Watt and Teddy Bridgewater, for example), aging vets (Phillip Rivers, Carson Palmer, Drew Brees, etc.), and of course, can the Pats win it all again, do the Seahawks rebound, or do we get to see the beginning of a new “dynasty”?

Scientology and the Aftermath – what a way to signal that the eyes of the world are on you. These five stories of writers/reporters/lawyers/academics who decided to take on Co$ and, in spite of Black PR from the “church”, have stood up and helped expose the truth. All of them should be looked at with admiration and applauded for their tenacity. Last, but not least, was Len Zinberg. Ex-member, Ex-Guardians Office operative, he succinctly explains the mindset of someone tasked with carrying out some of the more nefarious activities any organization could ask one to do. In the end, Len deserves a modicum of respect for waking up, speaking out, and taking responsibility for his actions. From a production-value perspective, it was very powerful to see the actual policy language tied into these stories, and I hope they continue with this format.

@ILoveSpeedRacer – What a brave, courageous person to allow me the honor to present her story. We all have much love and respect for her, and all the ex-members who have similar stories. I hope that, in sharing these stories, we can help expose the truth, reduce the chances of new victims, and bring a modest amount of healing for these folks. Again, I’d be honored to post anyone’s story, no matter how big or small. Shining a light on their policies, actions, and beliefs is how we can help the larger movement.

As always – Stand Up, Speak Out, and Be Heard!

Have a great weekend all!


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