Humpday – the Aftermath

Ok, so hopefully no spoilers here. If you haven’t watched the 2 hour Scientology and the Aftermath special on A&E, please stop, go watch, and then come back 🙂

Welcome Back 😉

My overall gut reaction to this special was , “Wow! It was a masterful combination of first person stories and actual documented LRH policy”. To hear how Janet Reitman, Mark Ebner, Bryan Seymour, and the others, were “handled” and how it was textbook LRH policy, confirmed by Mike and Leah, should be a wakeup call to humanity.

Initially, I was taken aback by Leah’s comment that LRH was a “genius”, but to be cognizant of the need for all these policy letters to deal with critics and “enemies” is undebatable. While no one outside of Co$ should accept these policies as valid, the mere fact that he identified the need for such rules, and built them into the “system” was very smart. To insulate themselves from external “attacks”, by having one unifying method of dealing with them, ensures that every effort to expose them is met with the same vigor.

From a personal perspective, the “jaw-dropping” moment for me was from Bryan Seymour. For all the posturing and accusations that from both sides, it was still shocking to hear that someone uttered into his ear that it would be best if he killed himself. Understandably, they were trying to bull-bait him into a reaction, and fortunately he didn’t take the bait. While this type of “threat” has been seen, and used by others, what makes this stand out, is that it is seems to be completely acceptable, per LRH policy.

For all the smearing and deflecting coming from Co$, they cannot seem to shake the fact that these attempts to ruin someone’s career, relationships, and family bonds are codified within their policies. They are compelled, as scientologists, to use these tactics. While it does not insulate them from accountability of their actions on a personal level, it does make it clear that, as a member in good standing, they must follow the policy verbatim. That is a sobering cold, hard truth.

The overarching message of this special episode to me is, if you are going to speak out in criticism of Co$, you should expect to be met with the same type of reaction. Their response to perceived “enemies” is policy, which must be followed. As such, you can predict and prepare for such scenarios. You can then, hopefully, avoid knee-jerk reactions to their attempts to “ruin” you. Having a plan of action in place, will allow you to respond in an effective non-violent way.

As for the smattering of Season 2 previews that were used during this special, I think we can expect a major focus on the 2nd and 3rd generations. Those who were “born” into, taught to live by, and grew up within this “system”. To some degree, these folks did not have any pre-existing moral compass or values to make them question these policies and actions. It also seems Season 2 will peel back the bandages covering a very troubling narrative history of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse that these members had to endure. We will see, again, that this type of behavior and treatment is “baked into” the policies and “scripture” created by LRH. It is safe to assume that the coming season will be uncomfortable, somewhat disgusting, and completely disheartening. Unfortunately, these stories must be heard and shared. Not only to stop them from occurring for anyone else, but to further the ground-swell of support for ex-members, current members who wish to leave, and those willing to oppose the policies, actions, and beliefs of Co$.

It also seems that there may be a focus on a particular celebrity member who was recently accused of potential crimes, and an attempt to hold the police department to their designated role and responsibility to investigate these claims. This summer should end up being a hot one, and I cannot wait to see where this show takes us.

Stand Up, Speak Out, and Be Heard!



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