Friday…Five for Fightin’

Tax-exempt status for Co$ should be overturned. Believe what you want about it being a “recognized” or “official” religion, I’ve heard members refer to it as a “system”, not a religion. As such, the only other option for retaining tax-exempt status would be as a “charitable” organization. Haha, uhm, pretty sure that 99.99999999% of charitable organizations do not horde money or real estate as they seem to do, spend tax-exempt money to hire PIs to tail, or launch smear campaigns against ex-members. If there is no tax benefit to “donating”, the war chest starts to dry up.

Disconnection must end. Period. Yes, people in all walks of life may stop being friends or choose to stop communicating, but there really is no comparison to disconnection or shunning. While a friend/family member may ask you to not stay connected to someone, they do not normally threaten to declare you “evil” if you refuse. There are just far too many stories of families ripped apart by this policy. Parents, children, and even grandchildren should not be “forced” to stop associating with one another just because they decided to leave, said something even moderately critical, or even something more petty.

The “Fair Game” and “Smear Site” campaigns against ex-members and critics has to stop. It is simply schoolyard bullying, but with funded by tax-exempt money. Rather than focus on the alleged abuses, they find it more convenient to try and publically shame someone by exposing anything in a person’s past that could be viewed as negative. The world is waking up to this tactic, and generally dislikes the approach, in my opinion. It is very unbecoming of a “church” to attack they way they do.

Co$ needs to come out of the shadows and address the accusations of it’s ex-members and critics. Failure to be accessible to the public or journalists only breeds more contempt for their policies, actions, and beliefs. Sending a lawyer that is not a practicing member to “defend” them, is beyond ridiculous. It is unfathomable that current members are not calling for COB to publically address all the stories of abuse that have surfaced. Ignoring the criticisms will not make them go away. Starting your own TV channel, will not lessen the impact of blogs, documentaries, TV shows or print.

And, finally, just to jump off the Co$ soapbox, please take a moment this weekend to remember those who have sacrificed to make the world what it is today. I know, I know…but I’m speaking to the real reason behind Memorial Day. While I have been fortunate that none of my relatives or friends have given the ultimate sacrifice, they did serve in the military, so I have great respect and admiration for all those who have, or are, serving. In our current social-political environment, it can be easy to forget those who have come before us. But, there is no rule against raising a frosty cold one in their honor and remembrance 😉

Have a great holiday weekend!


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