For those about to rock…

We salute you. Today, I want to send a personal thank you to all those who have stood up and spoken out about Co$. From the celebs, bloggers, ex-members, authors, journalists, and every day citizens of the world, you continue to inspire and educate. Due to the words and actions of all of you, the world is waking up to this organization. They cannot continue to ignore the accusations, they will not be able to deflect by using black PR, “Fair Game” or smear sites, and they will not be able to outrun the clutches of justice.

While most tend to focus on Leah, Mike, Tony, Chris, Aaron, etc , and rightly so, I also know that each day there are more people waking up to the policies, actions, and beliefs of Co$, more ex-members willing to share their stories, and more never-ins willing to stand with anyone who has survived this organization.

I expect the new 2 hour Memorial Day weekend special Scientology and the Aftermath to be yet another thorn in the side of Co$, and I cannot wait. I salute your bravery and desire to expose the trust about Co$. To this end, I stand with all of you. Stand Up, Speak Out, and Be Heard!



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