Crap scientologists say…

Today, just going to document some of the highly hypocritical, unintelligent, and down-right unethical things that scientologists have said on social media. Those of us who have had “conversations” with a scientologist quickly notice that they rarely, if ever, answer a question, provide no detail or depth, and often cannot recognize sarcasm or common sense. In my experience, you question a scientologist enough, they will block you – as they cannot adequately address all the stories of abuse or provide proof that the tech works, that their addiction “treatments” work, or that Co$ is “growing”.

I always seems counter-intuitive that they demand respect, or are quick to label someone a “bigot”, yet when compared to the smear sites and hashtagging that they use, it’s clear they are not the “most ethical people on the planet”. In fact, they seem to lack even moderate application of ethics online.

So, let us begin –

  • #facepalm
  • “oh dear”
  • “Nope”
  • #bigot
  • #hater
  • #wifebeater
  • #deadbeatdad
  • “What courses have you studied?”
  • “What org have you visited?”
  • “So you know nothing, then”
  • “This is the dumbest person on Twitter”
  • “So nothing then”
  • “You’re the one lying. Or just stupid”
  • “You sound like a fool”
  • “Is that a veiled threat?”
  • “Don’t eat dinner with that guy, he’ll try to poison you”
  • “Nah, you really haven’t”
  • “you really haven’t sweetie”
  • “And, where have I lied?”
  • “Then you really are an idiot”
  • “So believing hearsay?”
  • “No circular logic, just truth”
  • #religiousdiscrimination
  • #religiousprejudice
  • “Get the facts, then tweet. In that order”
  • #religioushatred
  • “You are ignorant of the facts”
  • #fakenews
  • “That’s pure #religioushate. Enough already!”
  • “What Scientology books or courses have you personally studied?”
  • “Stop spreading #religioushatred”
  • “Ever tried Dianetics? It might really help you…”
  • #leahremini
  • “DM me your address and I’ll get you taken off the list”
  • “Have you ever had a go on the E-meter?”
  • #hatewontwin
  • “You can’t believe a thing that hate blogger Tony Ortega says”
  • “What courses did you do?”
  • “Yapping dogs”
  • “Here’s the true data on that”
  • “Not by listening to a lying ex-member”
  • “Scientology is an official religion”
  • #propaganda
  • “Scientology is expanding now faster than ever…”
  • “ADHD & all chemical “imbalances”, Total 100% fraud”
  • #perjury
  • #perjurer
  • #unreliablesources
  • #hatecrime
  • “This is the biggest hypocrite out there”
  • “Now I’m ready to show how dumb you are”
  • “You two are competing for the dumbest anti-scientology award?”

There are obviously tons of hashtags and tweets to pick from, but these were some of my personal favorites as they have either been levied against me or some of the folks that I have met on Twitter.

So, do you have any personal favorites that have been used against you? Post in the comments.



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