For whom the bell tolls…

Today, I’d like to spend just a moment to remind everyone of what is on the horizon. There has been a lot of activity on social media, in the courtroom, and local government.

First, was the City Counsel of Clearwater voting unanimously to buy the parcel of land from the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. It was significant in that Co$ wanted the land, and was willing to pay 3X the price that CMA accepted from the city. While hard to determine if this parcel was an essential part of the “Imagine Clearwater” revitalization plan, it is important to note that most attendees and the counsel were in favor of the purchase even after pressure from Co$. The Pinellas County Commissioners also ignored Co$’ efforts to disrupt expansion funding for the aquarium, despite last minute black PR campaign from Co$. Unfortunately, I don’t think we have heard the last of their efforts to thwart the city or aquarium in retaking Clearwater.

Next up is their “treatment” centers. If you recall, as a result of a 911 call in Cannon County, Tennessee, police “rescued” two “patients”. One was kept in small, relatively unfinished cabin, the other in a padlocked room. The two “caretakers” pleaded guilty to 2 counts of unlawful imprisonment, and the owner charged with 2 felony counts of facilitation to kidnapping. The judge ordered all facilities in Cannon County be closed.  And, just yesterday there was another pre-trial settlement for Narconon Arrowhead, bringing closure to 2 of the 3 “mysterious” deaths at the facility. It will be intriguing to see if the final case makes it to trial, and what information will be disclosed about Narconon.

There is also the Garcia’s fraud case hanging over Co$. While the judge decided to use the “church’s” arbitration process, most recently he ordered Co$ to turn over a list of 500 members “in good standing”. The judge received the list, but void of any contact information. As a result, he ordered Co$ to turn over the list with contact information so that he can choose the 3 arbiters. That list was due by May 11th. While it might be an uphill battle to get 3 current members to side w/ the Garcia’s, it is important to see how this one judge has interacted with both parties.

We have also been receiving information from a 2009-10 FBI investigation on Co$. Although they previously have denied that the investigation ever took place, a FOIA request has produced 300+ pages from the FBI. While the investigation appears to have been abandoned in May 2010, there should be a significant amount of information to comb over in the coming weeks and months.

There are also a few other “cases” that may either directly impact Co$ or certainly shine poorly on them such as, the Masterson sexual assault allegations, Laura DeCrescenzo’s forced abortion case, and hopefully more information regarding Cat White’s death. I’m sure there are others, but those were at the top of my head.

So, let’s get to the really “good” stuff. I think everyone is very excited for “Scientology and the Aftermath” Season 2 to kick off. Around the same time, Co$ will begin “broadcasting” from SuMP on Spectrum. Hmmm, competing channels and shows…the ratings war should be interesting. Leah and Mike’s show appears to have been perfectly timed as Going Clear and My Scientology Movie whetted the public’s appetite for the subject. I’d like to see Season 2 share the stories from 2nd and 3rd generation ex-members, where they were born into it, or indoctrinated at a very early age. It will also be very interesting to see if the “guests” experience the same type of “smear site” campaign as the first season participants.

And then we have Anonymous. You may not know who they are, but you surely have heard of them. Seems they have had a renewed interest in exposing Co$. As of today, significant protesting is scheduled for June 24-25th in the UK and LA. I think there will be more protests around the globe on those dates as well. I think we can all expect additional protests in the following months. My sense that they are putting significant resources and effort into #OpScientology. I will be sure to share any additional information, on protests, that I receive.

I’m sure there are additional efforts in the works that I’m either forgetting, or are still not widely known. Safe to say, there is a focus on Co$ from many different angles. They need to be careful in how they handle responding to this attention. With more eyes on this organization every day, will they continue to respond by attacking? Is the bell set to toll on Co$? Only time will tell, but the forecast is not looking sunny for them.


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