Disturbance at the Heron house…

“They’re going wild” the call came in
At early morning predawn then
The followers of chaos out of control
They’re numbering the monkeys

The monkeys and the monkeys 
The followers of chaos out of control
“They’re meeting at the monument”
The call came in the monument
To liberty and honor under the honor roll
“They’ve gathered up the cages the cages and courageous”
The followers of chaos out of control
The call came in to Party Central
“Meeting of the green and simple”
Try to tell us something we don’t know“Disturbance at the Heron House”
A stampede at the monument
To liberty and honor under the honor roll
The gathering of grunts and greens
Cogs and grunts and hirelings
A meeting of a mean idea to hold
“When feeding time has come and gone
They’ll lose the heart and head for home
Try to tell us something we don’t know”
Everyone allowed, everyone allowed
– Peter Buck, Bill Berry, Mike Mills, Michael Stipe
So, what can we learn from this R.E.M. hit? It’s a warning to the powers-that-be, the underlings (grunts, greens, cogs, hirelings) can be rallied to organize, but don’t expect them to click-step to your directives. You may find that once you take your eye off them, they have a very different “mean idea to hold”. You can only hold their attention for so long, if under false pretenses, until their own needs to be met.
You can claim the rally-cry is for nationalism, party, human rights, etc but if your motives are nefarious or self-serving, those you consider “underlings” will soon grow weary of you. As a result, your power will wane. You do not rule/lead simply “because”, you are allowed to rule only so long as the underlings are either apathetic, believe you are honorable, or trustworthy. When the façade of our heroes & leaders are shattered, there is no more trust, admiration, adherence, or influence. You can no longer cast your spell on the masses. You no longer hold the key to the kingdom, and you cannot expect to lead without being challenged.
For the followers, it can either be absolute freedom or absolute chaos. In the vacuum created when leaders are discarded, they must be wary of replacing one despot with another, falling into complacency, or feeding a thirst for power. True leaders will emerge organically.
Steer clear of those who seek or claim power. True power is not assumed it is given. It should not be built on the backs of others, or rely on secrets, lies, or misdirection.

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