Criticizing the Critics…

So, today I’d like to spend a little time discussing an increasingly popular tactic being used on Twitter. It seems that supporters of Co$, or indy scientology, find it either humorous or damaging to throw criticisms at the protestors/critics. Rather than discuss the merits of evidence or specific stories, they seek to deflect by throwing out labels like – violent, bigot, hatred, wife-beater, dead-beat dad, and even “rapist” with no reason, and certainly no substance.

In the right frame of mind, these insults can be laughed off, but their intent is to trigger a severe reaction from the critic and larger audience. In addition, it takes away from the main focus of criticizing/protesting the organization, their actions, and underlying belief system. There is typically no merit to these claims, but the claim itself is a weapon to them. Throw enough insults, and we lose focus or fall into their trap of responding negatively.

They would rather diffuse our efforts than to discus facts, stories, or details. In my opinion, it is up to us to quietly ignore these attacks and stay focused on educating more and more people. While folks like Leah, Mike, Tony, Chris, Aaron, etc are on the “big stage”, we can be helpful in bridging the gaps between posts, videos, and seasons. There are many ex-members we follow that have been very willing to share info or help clarify as needed, or just need our support. Do not think for a moment that your efforts are in vain or unappreciated. It will take all of our efforts to bring change to impact this organization’s tax status, actions, and beliefs.

Unfortunately, social media rules and their governing bodies are hesitant to act on the accusations and the accounts that post them. As such, we need to police ourselves and utilize tools such as mute and block. Yes, some of these accounts have stated they log out and still see our posts, but that only further proves their desire to disrupt those who criticize and protest. At the end of the day, they bring nothing but deflection, denial, and distraction.

That being said, we need to be vigilant to ensure we don’t fall into their behaviors. There is no need for us to wish harm to others. They are all too happy to tag our words as “veiled threats”, so don’t give them the chance. It is also important to be as factual as possible. Yes, we can verbally ponder in general, but I would caution you to not cross the line into accusing either an individual or organization of something without solid evidence. First hand accounts from ex-members are very useful tools in this area.

It seems they also like try to discredit critics/protestors by questioning their intelligence or their knowledge of scientology. Please understand, these are elementary level tactics. Just because you haven’t studied all of the collected works, or maybe only watched Going Clear, My Scientology Movie, or Scientology and the Aftermath, does not mean you cannot have an opinion on the subject or makes you less credible. Not all of us can use proper grammar or spelling when faced with 140 characters 😉 The point is, you have heard or read about this organization and decided to take a stand. It is your right to speak out.

In the end, we will not be silenced through their attempts to harass, accuse, negate, deflect, or embarrass us. We are vital to the larger efforts to expose this organization and their reportedly abusive actions and beliefs. We must be resolute in Standing Up, Speaking Out, and Being Heard.


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