Monday Motivation

You cannot silence us, our voice is strong

You cannot scare us, we are fearless

You cannot single us out, we are everywhere

You cannot confront us, we defend the truth

You cannot mock us, we are resilient

You cannot ignore us, we are here

You cannot lie about us, we are honest

You cannot hide from us, we are omniscient

You cannot smear us, we are righteous

You cannot defend your actions, they are indefensible

You cannot cry wolf, you are the sheep

You cannot disconnect us, we are family

You cannot forget us, we are growing

You cannot “fair game” us, we are just

You cannot infiltrate us, we are not a group

You cannot frustrate us, we are resolute

You cannot slow us down, our momentum is gaining

You cannot distract us, we are focused

You cannot control us, we are not followers

We will Stand Up, Speak Out, and Be Heard.


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