Friday Five – Quick Hits

Seems Clearwater Sea Org personnel are not visiting the downtown business district to purchase goods and services after the agreement between the city and CMA to buy the parcel of land. If that is the case, NOW is the perfect time for the public residents to take back their city. They should all be going out of their way to support the downtown businesses. If public transactions can replace those of the SO, it will further insulate the businesses from any further “actions”. Go, now!

Per online research and a recent video from @GrowingupinSCN, the Clear Cognition is such – “I was mocking up my reactive mind all along, and now I have stopped”. From conversation w/ half of the East Grinstead trolls, it appears that this phrase cannot be uttered unless you have attested to clear, which I find very odd. We are free to read, repeat, or say whatever we want.

So another NFL draft is in the books. Other than the surprising trades in the first round, rather dull from my perspective. There were definitely a fair share of “questionable” picks, but I’ve learned that you need to give these teams and players a year or two to accurately grade their performance. I think the two picks that stood out the most for me were Chicago and Cleveland’s QB selections. Not sure either is a good fit for the teams. But, clearly neither are seen as immediate starters.

With yesterday being May the Fourth(Star Wars Day), please be sure to watch Chris Shelton’s latest video, focused on how to interact w/ people online. Learn the Jedi Mind Control techniques and apply. It will save you from hours, or days in some cases, of frustration or potentially saying something offensive. Still to the facts, plant the seeds, and move on 😉 THANKS CHRIS!

Just a reminder that Anonymous is rebooting their #OpsScientology campaign, with world-wide protests on June 24-25. Please check Twitter under that hashtag for additional information.

Remember, Stand Up, Speak Out, and Be Heard! Have a great Friday and Weekend!


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