I solemnly swear…

Yeah, bet you thought it was going to be the line from Harry Potter on the Marauder’s Map, right? Well, sort of. While Co$ members and indies may think we are “up to no good”, we are really trying to do good works. We are trying to “manage” the mischief we see and hear about/from this organization. And, just like the Marauder’s Map, we will be keeping a close watch on anybody, or anything, that appears on our “map”.

Whether you are the infamous East Grinstead trolls, their “Ally”, newbies, or some independent who has lost his way, we will be sure to always question your words, actions, and your attempts to sully any of the protestors. We do not wish you ill will, but we can also not allow unchecked misinformation or recruiting. We would rather you examine what we say, the stories we retell or share, and research. It’s ok to take a long, hard look and see that you are mistaken or find yourself “going along” with the group think. It’s what enables organizations like this to continue.

We don’t necessarily disagree with every tenet of your belief system, but the organization appears corrupt, their actions hypocritical and potentially abusive, and not in the interest of the greater good. For these reasons, the situation must change. We can no longer allow families to be ripped apart by disconnection, people be declared “suppressive”, ex-members and critics to be smeared by your hate sites, people in need falling prey to your camera op “volunteerism” propaganda or unverified “treatment” methods.

I ask that you begin to ask (and answer) serious, direct, hard questions of yourself and your organization. Are you working for the greater good of yourself and all living things, are you thinking for yourself, or are you constantly being asked for money or to do things you are not comfortable with, more fearful of the penalty for not complying with the rules, requests, and demands of the organization? There are so many more questions that need to be asked, but this should help you on your way to seeing the truth. Remember, we are here to help if you need it.

Mischief Managed. 😉



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