Farmers or Fighters?

Per a tweet this morning from Chris Shelton, I started to think about how ex-members and general public can speak out about Co$ and the reported abusive policies, actions, and beliefs without appearing to be overly aggressive or mean. Most of us protest to make sure no one else suffers similar experiences as those who have shared their stories, not to simply bully or ridicule current members.

For me, there is a fine line between confronting the few accounts that actively promote Co$ and their front groups, and our words being considered bigotry or hatred by them. It can definitely get aggravating when trying to “debate” with someone trained to tell “acceptable” lies, and never acknowledge generally held “facts” because their belief system doesn’t allow it. If we “argue” too strongly, we are just validating their belief that the MEST world is against them. If we “argue” too weakly, or based on emotion rather than facts, we allow their semantics and PR to be unchecked, possibly attracting unsuspecting new recruits.

My new approach will be to give any new contact 1 day to prove they can “debate” using logic, fact, and verifiable sources outside of the Co$ bubble. Allowing them to use Co$ “tech” only is not ethical and lacks serious credibility. If, after 1 day, they are still unable to utilize external sources or refuse to consider my sources, they will be blocked, period. While you can provide all the resources, articles, studies, opinions in the world, you cannot force them to acknowledge or contemplate. We can only hope, as Chris says, to “plant the seeds of doubt” which will pay dividends in the future. I’d rather they listen today and avoid negative experiences in Co$, but we will be here waiting when they are ready to ask for help, to get out, or to get on with their lives outside of Co$.

We are not here to hurt you. We are here to help, but sometimes our words are hurtful. For this, I apologize, but I will not apologize for Standing Up, Speaking Out, and Being Heard when we are sharing facts, first-hand experiences, and proof of impropriety. May today be a good day to be a farmer, not a fighter. Let’s start planting those seeds…


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