On things to come…

Today, I’m going to cover two future events and my hopes for them. Please feel free to leave any comments you might have regarding either one, or something completely unrelated.

The first is #OpScientology, the new operation against Co$ from Anonymous. My understanding is we can expect a new series of protests beginning June 24-25, 2017. I will be tweeting/retweeting any new information about the protests, but I gather that this is a real thing, and they would appreciate our help in spreading the information and providing support to their efforts. Remember, speaking out is a human right. There is nothing inherently illegal about exposing the truth about groups or organizations.

It is my hope that we all will support the efforts by Anonymous to put a spotlight to Co$ and help the truth come to light. So, keep and eye on my Twitter feed for additional information, or look for the #OpScientology hashtag.

The second item, is the second season of Scientology and the Aftermath. While my wishlist includes having ANY scientologist participate in the show, I’m fairly confident that will not happen. COB simply cannot risk even a well trained, top executive appearing foolish or aggressive. Instead, they will be “crafting” their own story on SuMP, supposedly starting in June. So, without Co$ contributions, what would I like to see in season 2?

While I expect we will meet more ex-members who have felt the wrath of Co$’s policies, actions, and beliefs, I would also like to see deep dives on some of the “top” executives and online “personalities”. Highlighting how they got to power, how they “practice” the belief system, and other pertinent information. It would be interesting to see if they “practice what they preach”. It would also be of great personal interest to see a certain East Grinstead duo doxed. 🙂

I would also like to see more of the legal story that started the end of season 1. How can we encourage the IRS to review their tax-exempt “charity” status, how they entice politicians to participate or “support” their events, and if any laws have been, or are being, broken. How can we make sure all these stories from ex-members get to the elected officials, so that they turn into investigations and potential legal action? And, what of the “odd” relationship between Co$ and certain law enforcement agencies? Can we help cause a serious investigation into allegations of ignoring reports of sexual misconduct, human rights abuses, and skirting or ignoring the civil laws?

Wherever season 2 takes us, it is guaranteed to be interesting, enlightening, and educational. I will be watching and supporting…will you?




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