Stand up against S.T.A.A.D

So, as some may have noticed, the latest Co$ front group has become increasingly more active on social media. Scientologists Taking A Stand Against Discrimination (STAAD or STAND?) was created to “put a stop to incitement of bigotry and hate crime, and to secure Religious Freedom for man. STAND exists to expose bias and to maintain basic human rights for Scientologists and everyone”. Sounds pretty good, right? Well, think again.

If you would peruse their site and social media posts, the majority of pages are dedicated to smearing, “Black PR”, or “Dead Agent” information. On Twitter, they try to “safe-point” themselves by stating they “block bigoted accounts”. What this really means, is they block anyone who dares to stand up/speak out against abusive Co$ policies, actions, and beliefs. And, on their Facebook page, they have locked down comments, deleted or hid all “negative” comments to their posts. I know this first hand as my comments are not visible. They were neither offensive or bigoted.

On their site, the “Fact v. Fiction” section again attempts to “set the record straight” on topics such as “Fair Game”, “Disconnection”, “Brainwashing”. They are written only for current members or public that have never heard of scientology before. Anyone who has ever read the OT3 “Xenu” story, spoken to or read about exes, or looked at their “Media Watch” section, can see very little in the “facts” department. “Going Clear”, “Scientology and the Aftermath”, “My Scientology Movie”, “Ruthless”, “Troublemaker” and a whole host of other books and videos have poked significant holes in their public facade. And, there is more on the way :).

Nearly every day there are new stories from folks like Tony Ortega and Mike Rinder, new videos from Chris Shelton and Aaron Smith-Levin, people being trolled on Twitter for even mentioning scientology, and new “smear” posts from STAND, FreedomMediaEthics, and trolling by a certain couple from East Grinstead. The sum of all this attention is the public is constantly being educated to what Co$ really “STANDs” for, how they attempt to smear or block anyone who disagrees, and tries to “blackball” the more popular critics of Co$.

The larger issue I have, with STAND/STAAD and similar accounts they have created, is that they are able to do this with tax-exempt money. Rather than focus on criticism of their policies, practices, and actions, they spend this money to attack the credibility of critics, journalists, film makers, and, worst of all, parents, family members, loved ones who have been affected by their polices of disconnection or fair game. It has to stop, and I will STAND with all who oppose the abusive policies, actions, and beliefs of this organization and all their front groups.


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