Last night I listened to Ron Miscavige on the Joe Rogan podcast, and was impressed with Ron’s willingness to talk about every topic that was brought up. In some areas, it went beyond his book “Ruthless…”, but there were other topics that they did not touch on. Which is my main purpose for today’s post. When you have a figure such as Ron, it seems an impossible task to cover 40+ years of experience in a single podcast session. I think they easily could have used two or three more episodes to really drill-down
on the most controversial topics – such as David the man, disconnection, life at Gold Base, the “truth” behind the hate sites, etc.

I’m not suggesting they purposely avoided some topics as they wouldn’t put Ron in the best light, but clearly an hour and a half was not sufficient time to cover all the ground we would like to hear about. Podcasts are great, as they are usually a more relaxed setting, but I always have the feeling of wanting more. For example, I really enjoyed hearing the raw emotion from Ron regarding the grandchildren he has never met. But, it was maybe a total of 3 minutes of the whole podcast. It seemed a great moment to really drill down on how hurtful the disconnection policy can be, from a first-hand experience. My expectations may be unrealistic, but, it’s been my overwhelming reaction to the podcast world. So, what do you think?


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