Friday V

  • Winter the Dolphin  – So after all the clandestine meetings w/ Clearwater Council members and invite only business planning by David Miscavige, the Council voted unanimously to purchase the parcel of land from the aquarium. And, that should have been the end of it, right? Well, being the humanitarians that they are, Co$ decided to throw shade at the aquarium,  it’s CEO, and even Winter the Dolphin. It is such a clear case of “sour grapes” that even if there is some valid information, it should not even be considered. They had plenty of time to address any reservations about the aquarium, CMA, or the sale long before the vote. But, this is what they do when something doesn’t go there way. True intent revealed, and another large footbullet to Co$ and DM.
  • Be wary of new follows/accts – To those on social media, especially Twitter, we are noticing some “new” followers or accounts that appear to be socks or trolls supporting Co$. Always a good reminder to keep an eye on who is following you or trying to gain your trust or information. If you are unsure about a new account or follower, as around. There are folks who have been around a while and can help you out.
  • Other online shenanigans – So, some of the newer folks may wonder what is going on, especially leading up to Thursdays. Well, the rumor is all stats need to be reported in by 2pm on Thursdays. So, it makes sense to see more aggressive activity from the Co$ accounts leading up to that deadline. There are also accounts in comm that appear to be against some of the basic rules that Co$ uses regarding SPs, so many are pointing out that discrepancy. My advice, sit back and enjoy the show 🙂
  • Spring is here – The returning birdies tell me to be on the lookout for some interesting news on the Co$ front. We already know that SuMP is supposed to start broadcasting the end of June, but Scientology and The Aftermath will be running this summer as well – no confirmed date yet. Also in June, we can expect to see some activity from some friends 😉 Be on the lookout for additional information regarding protests.
  • Daily struggle – I know that many people would like to see an immediate impact on Co$, but when dealing with a well funded clandestine organization that will throw as many resources (lawyers, OSA, smear, etc) at protestors, it will be a methodical path to get real change. Do not get discouraged or lose sight of this issue. Every day is an opportunity to educate others, protest abuses, and slow/negate their ability to recruit or push their own propaganda/smear. I ask that you be patient with this plodding course.

Stand up against S.T.A.A.D

So, as some may have noticed, the latest Co$ front group has become increasingly more active on social media. Scientologists Taking A Stand Against Discrimination (STAAD or STAND?) was created to “put a stop to incitement of bigotry and hate crime, and to secure Religious Freedom for man. STAND exists to expose bias and to maintain basic human rights for Scientologists and everyone”. Sounds pretty good, right? Well, think again.

If you would peruse their site and social media posts, the majority of pages are dedicated to smearing, “Black PR”, or “Dead Agent” information. On Twitter, they try to “safe-point” themselves by stating they “block bigoted accounts”. What this really means, is they block anyone who dares to stand up/speak out against abusive Co$ policies, actions, and beliefs. And, on their Facebook page, they have locked down comments, deleted or hid all “negative” comments to their posts. I know this first hand as my comments are not visible. They were neither offensive or bigoted.

On their site, the “Fact v. Fiction” section again attempts to “set the record straight” on topics such as “Fair Game”, “Disconnection”, “Brainwashing”. They are written only for current members or public that have never heard of scientology before. Anyone who has ever read the OT3 “Xenu” story, spoken to or read about exes, or looked at their “Media Watch” section, can see very little in the “facts” department. “Going Clear”, “Scientology and the Aftermath”, “My Scientology Movie”, “Ruthless”, “Troublemaker” and a whole host of other books and videos have poked significant holes in their public facade. And, there is more on the way :).

Nearly every day there are new stories from folks like Tony Ortega and Mike Rinder, new videos from Chris Shelton and Aaron Smith-Levin, people being trolled on Twitter for even mentioning scientology, and new “smear” posts from STAND, FreedomMediaEthics, and trolling by a certain couple from East Grinstead. The sum of all this attention is the public is constantly being educated to what Co$ really “STANDs” for, how they attempt to smear or block anyone who disagrees, and tries to “blackball” the more popular critics of Co$.

The larger issue I have, with STAND/STAAD and similar accounts they have created, is that they are able to do this with tax-exempt money. Rather than focus on criticism of their policies, practices, and actions, they spend this money to attack the credibility of critics, journalists, film makers, and, worst of all, parents, family members, loved ones who have been affected by their polices of disconnection or fair game. It has to stop, and I will STAND with all who oppose the abusive policies, actions, and beliefs of this organization and all their front groups.


Last night I listened to Ron Miscavige on the Joe Rogan podcast, and was impressed with Ron’s willingness to talk about every topic that was brought up. In some areas, it went beyond his book “Ruthless…”, but there were other topics that they did not touch on. Which is my main purpose for today’s post. When you have a figure such as Ron, it seems an impossible task to cover 40+ years of experience in a single podcast session. I think they easily could have used two or three more episodes to really drill-down
on the most controversial topics – such as David the man, disconnection, life at Gold Base, the “truth” behind the hate sites, etc.

I’m not suggesting they purposely avoided some topics as they wouldn’t put Ron in the best light, but clearly an hour and a half was not sufficient time to cover all the ground we would like to hear about. Podcasts are great, as they are usually a more relaxed setting, but I always have the feeling of wanting more. For example, I really enjoyed hearing the raw emotion from Ron regarding the grandchildren he has never met. But, it was maybe a total of 3 minutes of the whole podcast. It seemed a great moment to really drill down on how hurtful the disconnection policy can be, from a first-hand experience. My expectations may be unrealistic, but, it’s been my overwhelming reaction to the podcast world. So, what do you think?