NFL – Weak 7?

To be clear, my rankings are at the close of each schedule week, which runs Thursday through Monday Night.

Top 5:

  1. Iggles – hate to say it, but not sure this will continue. Losing Jason Peters is a huge issue for them. Hicks is also, but not to the same degree.
  2. Rams – riding the top scoring offense…
  3. Saints – quite the turnaround
  4. Patriots
  5. Chargers, Chiefs, Vikings, Seahawks (tie) – steady success, but can they make a serious playoff run?

Bottom 5 –

5. Colts – still a very odd situation with Andrew Luck and his shoulder surgery recovery

4. Giants – beyond all the injuries, they finally found a way to win. But, too much pressure on the defense for the rest of the season.

3. Jets

2. 49ers – Kap is still available…just saying…

1. Browns – they need to pick a QB and stick with him. I’d pick Kizer, and see if he has a future.


SOS – First Impressions

My first impression of SOS the Game based on my closed Alpha play this weekend. For more information, see by Outpost Games.

The Basics –

Up to 16 “contestants” are dropped on a deserted island in search of relics. You must retrieve a relic in order to call for the evacuation helicopter, to be lifted to safety and win the “show”. To find weapons and heals, you need to loot ancient ruins, find papaya trees, retrieve lock picks, ammo, and other various tools. In game communication is handled by radio, and you can choose to team up with other players or play solo. The island is inhabited by the Hupia, ancient beasts of varying size and toughness. The small, white ones can be handled pretty easily, with the larger bluish/gray ones being harder to take out. The relic Hupias are very tough to take out 1 on 1, which really should help reinforce the alliance system. Health can be restored by finding health kits or eating papaya. If bitten/infected, mushrooms will by you time to find an antidote syringe.

Another part of the game is active participation by the “viewers”. They can vote on what loot to drop for someone who finds and sets off a flare gun. The loot can range from a crate of papayas to guns, ammo, bombs, gas, or infected mosquitoes, etc. As noted below, this portion of the game can be over-powering at this point, but being Alpha it is understandable that this may not be the final version of this feature.


Pros: The island environment is very nice, even on low settings. Controls were very customizable, which is great for left-handed gamers. I love the “game show” intros, and the self forming teams (alliances) that can happen. The looting system is nice, albeit needs a little tweaking (more mushrooms), and the weapon variation works for a “deserted” island setting.

Cons: Rewards (Drops) are too easily controlled by streamers with lots of viewers and can drastically sway the outcome. There is no retribution system for players who decide to break alliances or refuse to team up.

In the end, remembering this is an Alpha build, no matter how polished, I can’t be too critical of the cons, as they very well may be changed by the next Closed Alpha weekend. In its current state, it can be as fun as frustrating as you want a game to be, so it’s a weak thumbs up from me, but only because of my specific experience in game. I’m sure that with more rounds and better alliances it would be a stronger opinion.

Sample Gameplay


Weak 5 – NFL Rankings

To be clear, my rankings are at the close of each schedule week, which runs Thursday through Monday Night.

Top 5:

  1. Chiefs – gritty win this week to stay on top
  2. Packers – Rodgers showed why he is still one of the top QBs
  3. Iggles – have to give it to Wentz, he seems a winner
  4. Broncos – bye week so they slipped due to other performances
  5. tie – Rams, Falcons, and Panthers

Bottom 5 –

5. Bears – rookie showed some good, some bad last night. Just needs more reps

4. Dolphins – not sure about Cutler, but to be fair he didn’t have much prep time

3. 49ers

2. Browns

1. Giants – beyond all the injuries, they just don’t have any offensive power.

Wow, Steelers fans might want to pull out any amount of good luck charms they might have. 5 Ints, and what Big Ben said afterward, would not make me feel good right now.

Weak 4 – NFL Ranking

To be clear, my rankings are at the close of each schedule week, which runs Thursday through Monday Night.

Several big changes this week. The injury to Carr may force me to reconsider my original SB prediction. Hopefully he is given the time to fully heal so it doesn’t become a linger problem.

Top 5 –

  1. Chiefs – solid play on both sides of the ball
  2. Broncos – can’t wait for the Chiefs v Broncos showdown
  3. Lions – due to the offensive power
  4. Rams – still the highest scoring offense this season
  5. Tie – Iggles & Redskins (despite the loss, it was to my top ranked team and went down to the wire)

Honorable mentions – Steelers, Jaguars, Bills, and Packers

Dropped out – Falcons & Titans – hopefully for the Titans the hamstring injury is not long term

On a side note, looks like the Texans Watson may be the real deal, which would be great news for them.


Bottom 5 – fortunately the Bengals played the Browns, to remove themselves. And, unless Cutler finds some magic potion, the Dolphins will most likely end up here next week

5. Chargers
4. Bears – finally switching to the rookie, but was Glennon the only issue?
3. Browns – although there is hope with the rookie quarterback
2. 49ers
1.Giants –  still seem lost on offense

Weak 3 – NFL rankings

To be clear, my rankings are at the close of each schedule week, which runs Thursday through Monday Night.

Top 5 –

  1. Chiefs – solid play on both sides of the ball
  2. Falcons – seems another solid offensive group this year
  3. Titans – new addition this week
  4. Lions – due to the offensive power
  5. Rams – highest scoring offense so far

Honorable mentions – Vikings, Redskins, Jaguars, and the Iggles 😉

Bottom 5 – only slight changes this week, but good to see the Bears, Jets and Colts get a win

5. Jets

4. Browns

3. Bengals

2. 49ers

1.Giants – although they played the Eagles well, still seem lost on offense

Weak 2 – Power Rankings

Top 5, Bottom 5

Top 5 –

  1. Denver – such as surprise so far. They have been dominate on both sides of the ball.
  2. Raiders – would have been #1, but I expected them to be 2-0
  3. Chiefs – still early, but they looked pretty solid so far
  4. Ravens – looks like another stout defense this year
  5. Lions – a bit of a shocker, but may drop soon (beating the Giants wasn’t as impressive as it may seem – see bottom 5 ;))

Honorable mentions – Steelers, Falcons

Bottom 5 – really could have a bottom 10…

5. Colts – without Luck, they are going nowhere

4. Bears – might as well put the rookie QB in

3. Jets

2. 49ers

1. Giants – seems they are in a full freefall

Side Note – is really is a shame that Colin Kaepernick is still not on an NFL roster. He might provide the spark needed for one of these bottom teams.


NFL 2017 – Division Rankings/Predictions

AFC East –

  1. Patriots
  2. Bills
  3. Dolphins
  4. Jets

AFC West –

  1. Raiders
  2. Broncos
  3. Chiefs
  4. Chargers

AFC North –

  1. Bengals
  2. Steelers
  3. Ravens
  4. Browns

AFC South –

  1. Titans
  2. Colts
  3. Texans
  4. Jaguars

NFC East –

  1. Giants
  2. Cowboys
  3. Eagles
  4. Redskins

NFC West –

  1. Seahawks
  2. Cardinals
  3. 49ers
  4. Rams

NFC North –

  1. Packers
  2. Vikings
  3. Lions
  4. Bears

NFC South –

  1. Falcons
  2. Saints
  3. Panthers
  4. Buccaneers

Big Game Prediction – Raiders v Packers, Packers win

What are your predictions?


I wish you would step back from that ledge my friend,
You could cut ties with all the lies, that you’ve been living in,
And if you do not want to see me again, I would understand.
I would understand,
The angry boy, a bit too insane,
Icing over a secret pain,
You know you don’t belong,
You’re the first to fight, You’re way too loud,
You’re the flash of light, On a burial shroud,
I know something’s wrong,
Well everyone I know has got a reason, To say, put the past away,
I wish you would step back from that ledge my friend,
You could cut ties with all the lies, That you’ve been living in,
And if you do not want to see me again, I would understand,
I would understand.
Well he’s on the table, And he’s gone to code,
And I do not think anyone knows,
What they are doing here,
And your friends have left, You’ve been dismissed,
I never thought it would come to this, And I, I want you to know,
Everyone’s got to face down the demons,
Maybe today, We can put the past away,
I wish you would step back from that ledge my friend,
You could cut ties with all the lies, that you’ve been living in,
And if you do not want to see me again, I would understand,
I would understand,
I would understand…
Can you put the past away, I wish you would step back from that ledge my friend,
I would understand

While this still holds up as a reminder to anyone who is, or knows someone, contemplating suicide, I think you can also read into the lyrics and apply to our current social/political issues – while the far left and far right continue to bombard us with rhetoric, threats, and violence, calmer heads must prevail. We, collectively, must step back from the ledge before North Korea, White Supremacy, Antifa and the likes push us off into a point of no return. I admittedly don’t have all the answers, heck I don’t even know all the questions, but I do see that every day is chock full of hate, war-mongering, and oppression of ideas, beliefs, and rights. This is not the environment I want to raise children in, and I think a majority of people need to have a real heart-to-heart conversation with themselves, their “friends”, and those who represent them.

Friday Phive – Phughetehboutet

Exhuming McCarthy – Vid: So, I’m not going to try and understand the violent tendencies displayed by the far left and right (yes, both have), but I am concerned by the attempt to normalize both rhetoric and action. The far ends of the political/philosophical spectrum should not be viewed as “normal”. They are differing versions of a “Utopian” society, but the means to get there are drastic. While I’m sure that I reside left of center most of the time, I cannot accept the seemingly endless reports of violence from both sides. There are ways to be proud of who you are, and your particular heritage, without demeaning or negating that of others. And, unless you have the ability to reside outside of general society, we all need to work to get along side-by-side.

As a student of history, I am torn by the desire to destroy/remove memorial statues and such. While I can appreciate the ill feelings toward these monuments of the Confederacy, I also don’t believe that it is wise to wipe it from the national conscience. Pretending that the Civil War, and its underlying social-economic forces, did not occur seems pretentious and disingenuous. We cannot vow to not repeat horrendous historical moments if they are erased. Also, some of the folks being remembered are not as good/bad/black/white as either side would have you believe. As one example, please read.

Da Bills – ugh…I know it’s only the second pre-season game and they are all relatively meaningless, but my…it was not a good display of hope for the season except for some nice running by Shady. I’m really concerned that they are under talented at the QB position – which is the case with many teams, but at least protect the ball, right?

Genius – more of my impressions from this show coming, stay tuned 🙂

Via Nora – “There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting” – Buddha


Tuesday Topic – Genius

Very rarely am I surprised and rapt by a television show, especially on a topic that I though I was at least somewhat versed. But, you have to hand it to National Geographic, they have done a great job with the subject of Albert Einstein. I’m only on episode 4 so far and completely engrossed in the time period, the age of scientific discoveries, and the interplay between the “great minds” of the time. In addition to pealing back the layers on Albert and his personal struggles with family, love, respect, and acknowledgement, it also covers the politics of the Nobel prize, women in science, and the growing resentment of the Jewish faith.

I wonder how many today could push through all the adversity that these great scientists faced in their time? Not only were new ideas, or new ways of thinking about a problem, not cultivated in the academic world, they were at times outright mocked, shunned, or ignored. It seems that this time period truly was a quantum leap in discovery and the scientific process.

As for Albert, while coming off at times as a sympathetic character, he also had many flaws himself. So far in the series, his ego has gotten him into as much trouble with his professors, his father, and his wife as it has inspired him to continue to rethink some of the work of scientists before him. While I hoped that the advise his father gave him, from his death bed, regarding family would have had a lasting impact, Albert seems to have forgotten that message as he was reworking the idea of relativity and his quest to prove molecules exist. His wife seemed to be as gifted a scientist as he, and even contributed greatly to his work, yet did not receive much recognition from him or the larger scientific community. For the time, I understand that it was a male dominated profession (and something that we still struggle with today), but as comparison, Pierre Curie, in the last episode I watched, stated he would refuse the Nobel Prize if equal credit was not given to his wife, Marie.

I’m hoping that you enjoy this type of post and will continue to update as I progress through the series. I’ll be watching another episode or two tonight, so probably will post again this Thursday.